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Thalgo L'oceane

Regeneration cure with original living sea water.

Thalgo L'oceane

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Overworked, lack of energy, need for minerals and trace elements... At certain times in life, your body has a particular need to detoxify, recharge and rehydrate itself. L'Oceane, 100 percent natural marine plasma, contains all of the micro-nutrients required for the physiological elimination and regeneration activities of cells.

The first cell from which all life forms originate came into existence in the Earth's primitive ocean over 3 billion years ago. This filiation was brought to light by the biologist Rene Quinton, who demonstrated the analogy between seawater and the human internal environment.
Thanks to its richness, seawater is the natural answer when the body
needs to be detoxified or rehydrated or recharge its batteries.
International scientific studies have shown the marine fluid's exceptional properties: a complex balance of almost 90 minerals and trace elements perfectly assimilable by the body and the presence of biological molecules with various types of action.

Suited to situations in which the body requires minerals and trace elements such as when it is overworked or during energy loss, physical effort, dehydration, dry skin or a loss of form during dieting, etc., L'OCEANE is most beneficial as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.
L'OCEANE, living seawater, is taken from protected maritime areas unaffected by any type of chemical or microbial pollution. Its packaging in the form of ampoules, without using any high-temperature treatment or ionising radiation, allows it to preserve the best part of the micronutrients needed for the physiological activity of waste removal and cell regeneration.

Recommended use:
1 to 2 phials to be taken orally every day, preferably before meals. The marine fluid should be kept in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. L'OCEANE can be diluted in a little water to make ingestion easier. This product contains 100 mg of sodium per phial. This should be taken into account if you are on a salt free diet. Furthermore, L'OCEANE is not recommended for people with severe kidney failure.

20 vials.

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