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Alqvimia products

Alqvimia - Alta cosmética natural Luxury natural cosmetics made with love, following the traditional spiritual science of alchemy.

Natural cosmetics

ALQVIMIA have lovingly created a wide range of high quality natural cosmetic products by following the ancient spiritual science of Alqvimia; a method created using traditional methods of production based on the wisdom of ancient botanic alchemy, a time-honoured science which extracts the essence of all that is beneficial in plants, to create true elixirs of beauty and longevity. They know, just as the alchemists did who came before them, that only from the purity of plants can they attain the unsurpassable quality of their essential oils.

Alqvimia - extraordinary resultsFor more than 25 years, their experience and understanding of how to effectively combine pure, natural ingredients of the highest quality has resulted in products and treatments which provide truly extraordinary results.


  • Petroleum by-products (e.g., mineral oil, paraffin, silicone)
  • Synthetic colours
  • Artificial perfumes
  • Chemical sun filters
  • Liberated formol compounds
  • Animal experimentation
  • Carcinogens
  • Toxins


  • The Greenpeace Green Label
  • Prime natural ingredients from medicinal plants
  • Flower waters
  • Pure essential oils
  • First cold-pressed vegetable oils
  • Bee honey from ecologically cultivated flowers
  • Natural sugars
  • Vegetable oils that protect the skin
  • Essential oils that self-regulate the skin
  • Visible and lasting rejuvenating results
  • Alchemic science for your beauty, health, and well-being created by our Master Perfumists

Alqvimia Responsabilidad Social CorporativaA Human Scale Economy

ALQVIMIA from its start has been a pioneer in what the world now calls Corporate Social Responsability (CSR). They call it a Humanized Economy. An economy inspired by ethical and social values such as justice, solidarity, cooperation, social well-being. An economy that respects the dignity of people and puts itself at the service of humanity in order to contribute to a better world, a more just world.

Following these values means they produce 100% natural cosmetics for your beauty and health, without contamination, using recyclable packaging, manufactured in Spain to support the local economy, and loyally respecting the natural and organic processes of cultivating and obtaining our prime materials.

Discover all the ranges

Alqvimia Seductive Man

Seductive Man

a sublime, sensorial, one of a kind cosmetic product designed to heighten and improve all aspects of masculine energy.

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Alqvimia Eternal Youth

Eternal Youth

After years of research, wholeheartedly focused on their mission to powerfully and effectively fuse ancient alchemy with modern anti-ageing medicine, Alqvimia brings you Eternal Youth: the first integral anti-ageing treatment for face, body and mind that offers you the perfect and essential harmony between cosmetics and lifestyle - all you need to feel and look forever young.

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Alqvimia Absolute Beauty

Absolute Beauty

From the union of ancient alchemy with the life-giving forces of purest nature comes this perfect synergy of sweet honey, pure propolis, and the sublime power and fragrances of the purest essential plant and vegetable oils. A magically powerful line of products for all types of skin. An intense day-and-night facial treatment in 4 steps: cleanse, tone, nourish and regenerate. Continuously gives your skin everything it needs while putting a stop to signs of ageing.

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Alqvimia Reina de Egipto

Queen of Egypt

Towering strength, majestic self-confidence, extraordinary beauty, ultimate femininity, irresistible sensuality, mesmerizing power. These are the attributes of the royal queens of ancient Egypt. Inspired by their legendary beauty and power, comes Alqvimia's exotically fragrant and powerful line of products that envelop you in the same aura of royal Egyptian beauty and power, offering you all their majestically nourishing and rejuvenating effects.

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Alqvimia Slimming and Firming

Slimming and Firming

The most effective synergy of nourishing essential oils and powerful active ingredients designed by Nature to sculpt your figure, reduce volume, burn unwanted fat in those trouble spots and tone your skin. Keeps your skin continuously hydrated and firm with its non-stop cellular regeneration action. No caffeine.

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Alqvimia Sensuality and Feminity

Sensuality and Feminity

ALQVIMIA believes firmly in feminine energy and the values associated with it. This is why they've created a whole product range devoted to it. One that not only enhances a woman's radiant beauty, but also reinforces her sensuality, self-confidence, inner strength, and the essence of all that implies being a woman. Dedicated to the whole woman, inside and out.

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Alqvimia Children and Babies Range

Children and Babies Range

Three cosmetic products which respect your skin and provide moisturization and high-level regeneration with the carefully-selected combination of the finest natural ingredients: Almond carrier oil to protect and regenerate the skin; Bulgarian Rose and Lavender flower waters, with extraordinary relaxing and soothing properties, at both a physical and aromatherapeutic level; and Essential oils of Lemon, Orange, Petitgrain, Grapefruit and Lavandin, to provide natural protection for the skin, with a stimulating fragrance for children.

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Alqvimia Vitality and Relaxation

Vitality and Relaxation

Two product lines created with essential oils that have specific properties and active ingredients designed to either envelop you in a sea of tranquillity and peace, or bring you the burst of energy you need to jumpstart your workout or to help lift you out of a state of low energy.

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Alqvimia Alchemic Products

Alchemic Products

The alchemy of plants, also known as Spagyria, has given us magnificent plant tinctures, made using carefully-crafted ancestral techniques which meticulously follow the legacy of the ancient alchemists and which respect astrological influences. Rosemary Alcohol: A masterful, revitalizing and energizing alchemic tincture that strengthens the effects of the post-application of body oils and emulsions. Queen of Hungary Water: Rejuvenating and revitalizing, it evokes the legendary formula created by an alchemist at the request of Queen Isabel of Hungary who sought to restore her lost youth and beauty.

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Alqvimia Aceites Vegetales

Vegetable Oils

Totally pure plant oils made from the first cold pressing in order to obtain greater purity, with extraordinary regenerating, anti-wrinkle, nourishing and moisturizing properties. For facial, body or use as carrier oils for Alqvimia's essential oil range.

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Alqvimia Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the purest essences of plants which are obtained after a complex system of extraction. These complex, unique substances have extensive cosmetic and therapeutic properties. When used in everyday life, these essences provide extremely beneficial properties for the body and act in a holistic manner, treating the body mind and the soul. It should be noted that these essences are extremely powerful and must be used by experts and in conjunction with carrier oils.

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Alqvimia Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy blends are synergies of essential oils in which the powerful properties of these substances are increased, each essence complementing the other. These cosmetic preparations have been made to obtain extraordinary results and improve the benefits of treatments. These blends of essences are highly powerful and must be used by experts together with carrier oils.

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